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Photo to embroidery software for a mac computer?

I just got a Brother Innov-is 950d sewining & embroidery machine and I would like to be able to embroider eyes on to the stuffed animals I make. I have been looking at various software that is supposed to convert photos (or computer-made art) into embroidery files, but most of them seem to be compatible with Windows only. Do you know of any photo to embroidery software that is mac-compatible?

You could have a try of Photo DVD Burner. It can be easily convert photos to beautiful slideshow suitable to Ipad ,iphone and ipod.

hope it can help.

Digitizer MBX Tutorial – Borders and Lettering Art

Embroidery Software Art Format

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Software Patents In Europe And China

Software program innovations are patentable in the United States, and in lots of different key jurisdictions. Nonetheless, not all different nations enable broad safety for software program innovation. Two of the more necessary patent workplaces, the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Chinese language State Mental Property Workplace (SIPO) prohibit how software program innovations could also be protected. However, many types of software can still be protected in China and Europe.

The EPO precludes patenting “(a) discoveries, scientific theories and mathematical strategies; (b) aesthetic cre¬ations; (c) schemes, guidelines and strategies for performing mental acts, taking part in games or doing business; and (d) applications for com¬puters, and displays of information.” However, there may be an exception. Article 52(2) excludes “the patentability of the subject-matter or activities referred to therein only to the extent to which a European patent software or European patent relates to such subject-matter or activities as such.” This clause creates an exception for sure sorts of software program improvements to be patentable material on the EPO.

The EPO’s patentable material contains the technical or hardware associated parts of an invention, versus options which might be merely algorithms. This is not an obvious distinction. In the United States, algorithmic components can be protected, if claimed correctly. In Europe, algorithms, corresponding to an accounting program, which are executed on a normal purpose pc aren’t patentable. However, software program that does one thing to hardware is more likely to be patentable. For instance, software that controls communications between machines is extra more likely to be patentable topic matter. Equally, software program that accelerates graphic show capabilities is probably patentable.

EPO patent applications are also structured differently from United States patent applications. The applying should follow an issue/answer format. A technical drawback is described and a solution, the invention, is then presented. That is in sharp contrast to US applications where the problem description is commonly minimized in order that it isn’t used against the applicant as prior art.

The claimed embodiments of the EPO utility are directed to the problem. EPO software claims are organized as two part claims, with a preamble that lists components which can be identified within the artwork followed by a second part with the novel creative elements.

In China, software program, algorithms or computer video games will not be per se patentable subject matter. Software inventions should solve a technical problem and have physical features. So like in Europe, your clever accounting or stock evaluation algorithms should not patentable topic matter. Nonetheless, software with bodily features similar to accelerating data interchange or storing knowledge extra effectively clear up a technical downside, and so are prone to be patentable topic matter.

Regardless that Europe and China do not help the protection of software innovations to the same extent as the United States, you’ll be able to shield many forms of software program innovations in those jurisdictions.

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Magna-Hoop Software

Embroidery Machine Macintosh

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Brother XR9000 Sewing Machine | Great Machine with Lots of Extras

Embroidery Machine Jobs

embroidery machine jobs

Embroidered Patches: How Computerization Is Working Its Magic

Have you ever stopped to wonder how embroidered patches are actually made? I have, especially when I’ve seen some of the newest creations involving complex embroidery and a multitude of colors. It really does seem as though manufacturers can create patches from the most intricate designs these days. All you need to do is take a look around the Internet to see what I’m talking about. So what’s the secret?




When it comes to how patches are made these days, computerization has played a big role in changing things just like it has with many other products. Years ago, patches were hand embroidered by someone who was following a simple design. So when it came to patches being created for commercial purposes, there was never much in the way of variety or detail. But when automation was introduced to the industry things got a bit easier with embroidery machines that could produce multiple copies of the same patch – from a single template. Yet even as little as 10 years ago, automated embroidering machines were still not capable of the complex designs we’re seeing today.


Computerization has enabled the industry to create intricately designed patches with extreme precision even on a very small scale. The same precision used by machine shops to create pieces within 1/1000 of an inch of tolerance is now being used to embroider patches. So now things that used to be considered impossible can be done such as fine outlining, shading and detailing. So nowadays patches are something that a lot of people would see as fine works of art.


The only limitations on patches these days is the imagination of the designers. As long as they have an idea, they can create that graphical representation on the computer and then the software they are using can convert that into an embroidery pattern. The pattern will then be saved as a file which will then be put into the embroidery machine and then transferred onto a black patch. Furthermore, one of the added benefits of computerization is that it’s now also possible to do short run jobs and still remain profitable.


No matter how you slice it, computerization has been good for embroidered patches. Which really is great. It also has its advantages when it comes to wholesale motorcycle patches.

Renaissance Commercial Embroidery Machine

Embroidery Machine Ratings

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Tips On Choosing Sewing Machines For Beginners

You would wonder which model of sewing machine to purchase as there are a whole lot of models available differing in price and functionality.,The features vary according to the models,hence it is important that you choose a sewing machine according to your stitching requirements.,If you require a sewing machine and is only a beginner,to get worth of what you purchase you should analyze your requirements, what speed you would be comfortable with, price etc.

Basic sewing machines are the ones that beginners should consider for purchasing,as they are very reasonable and performs all the necessary functions required for stitching.,If your need varies and you would like to perform embroidery works,then your choice should vary accordingly and you should go for a sewing machine model that can also do embroidery woks.

Basic sewing machine can be used to sew or repair your family clothing.,Only certain base models that are available in the market can be functioned for quilting,hence if you want this feature in your machine then you should choose a sewing machine with quilting feature.,Interlocking is another feature that you can find only in certain models.

If you are a beginner and want to purchase a sewing machine the first step you need to do is make a list of features that you would require according to your stitching needs., If your requirements are just for mending a few clothes then you wouldn’t require an expensive electronic or embroidery model.

Beginners would find simple sewing machines easier to use.,so it is wise to choose a simple and less complicated machine so that it would be much easier to operate while learning.,As a beginner you are just developing your skills,,and if you have a high end sewing machine it would be really tough to understand even the basic functions.

The prices of sewing machine vary according to the model and brand chosen,a base model may cost you about 60 to 80 dollars. To purchase a base model you would have to spend about 200 to 350 dollars.,If you are a beginner then another great and cheaper option would be to purchase a portable unit,and just the right one to begin.,Try to compare the features and brand and then decide the pricing variations accordingly,and it is always better to go for a noted brand like Singer, Brother, Janome etc. for better performance.,To get a detailed knowledge of the pricing and models available in the market the internet can help you.

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